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[Reader’s Story] B-25 Doolittle Tokyo Raiders 70th Anniversary

Posted on 18 April 2013 by Randy RC Planes

We are excited about this post! One of our readers sent this to us and we are honored to post this in remembrance of on April 18th, the 71st Anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. The follow is from the 70th Anniversary event and we simply could not, not, post it! To get us started, here is a video from the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Official Website. Doolittle Tokyo Raiders         Thought you might enjoy this bit of history...and a look at Read more [...]

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Lanxiang LX P-40 Warhawk 2000mm with RC Sound

Posted on 11 April 2013 by Randy RC Planes

Here is a video of the LX P-40 "Warhawk" by Lanxiang. It has a 79" wingspan (2000mm) with RC Sound! As of this posting this is the largest P-40 and the most scale; on the market. Here is a short list of what you can find on this plane! Navigation Lights Flaps Extremely stable in the air! Detachable wings which makes it easy to transport Rotating, servo-less, retractable landing gears (displayed in the video!) Adjustable Pitch Propeller Randy RC Planes installed Mr. RC Sound, Ultra Read more [...]

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Lanxiang LX B-25 Video

Lanxiang LX B-25 Video

Posted on 24 January 2013 by Randy RC Planes

We here at Randy RC Planes are very impressed with the quality of the LX P-40. Right now, it is out favorite plane to fly! We were very apprehensive about buying these Lanxiang LX planes, after reading all of the horror stories of the folding wing Lanxiang 63" F4U Corsair, simply put, Lanxiang has done a good job with the LX P-40 and LX B-25. That being said, and while the B25 is a great looking plane, after one year on the market, we have not been able to confirm if Lanxiang ever fixed Read more [...]

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Flyby Preview of Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 1500mm ARF Twin 70mm EDF

Flyby Preview of Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 1500mm ARF Twin 70mm EDF

Posted on 10 October 2012 by Randy RC Planes

Developed by the Germans towards the end of World War 2, the Messerschmitt ME-262 was very advanced at the time.

This is a 30 second preview clip of the video we are currently producing. This spotlights a “super sonic” flyby!

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FMS B-25 Bomber Engine Detailing

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FMS B-25 Bomber – Detailing & Bomb Bay Doors

Posted on 11 June 2012 by Randy RC Planes

Since I was a young boy, one of the things I enjoyed the most when building a model was detailing the model and putting my own personal touch on it. Whether it was a model boat, a train layout or an airplane; I spent hours thinking about different ways that I could detail and personalize them. One of the things I love about FMS Planes  is that their models are 90% complete with super details which means there's very  little build time. So adding your own personal touch to these models is Read more [...]

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