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FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber Flight “Tondelayo” with Parachute Drop

Posted on 25 May 2012 by Randy RC Planes

The FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber on a parachute run!

Memorial Day B-25 Mitchell Bomber flight video

There have been many models of the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber, and for good reason. Modelers like warbirds and this warbird has a generous wing size 1470MM, good tail movements and it’s a twin-engine aircraft!
Watch our video in honor of Memorial Day and all of our Veterans and active duty service men and women!The B-25 bomber lends itself to being a very easily adapted design from full-scale, right on down to model size.

You might be interested in our coverage of “Tondelayo” and the Mitchell B-25 Bomber in this post.

We also have a video of our Maiden Flight with the FMS B-25 Bomber.

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