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Mitchell B-25 Bomber and the FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber

Posted on 06 May 2012 by Randy RC Planes

There have been many models of the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber, and for good reason. Modelers like warbirds and this warbird has a generous wing size, good tail moments and it’s a twin-engine aircraft! The B-25 bomber lends itself to being a very easily adapted design from full-scale to right on down to model size.

B-25D Tondelayo Story

The FMS Airfield B-25 bomber RC plane replicates the B-25D named Tondelayo. The B25-D Tondelayo was named after the famous screen actress, Hedy Lamarr, in her starring role “Tondelayo” in the 1942 film White Cargo.

This particular 500th Bomber Squadron, from the 345th Bomber Group (known as the Air Apaches), was one of the three aircraft known for their remarkable mission conducted on October 18, 1943, against a 6,000 ton cargo ship near Rabaul.

Tondelayo and its wingmen successfully attacked the ship, but the flight was jumped by some 50 enemy fighters while trying to return to base. In a period of 75 minutes of skimming the ocean surface to prevent a belly attack by the fighters, Tondelayo’s top turret gunner shot down five fighters, and forced another four fighters which were trying to make their attack from underneath, to splash into the ocean trying. The B-25D bomber barely made it back, escaping narrowly having to fly on one engine. The surviving B-25D Bomber from the 500th Bomber Squadron lost both of its wingmen in the process. It required some six months of repair to return Tondelayo to service, but by then, the plane was a national symbol of heroism.

FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber

The FMS Airfiled B-25 Bomber’s construction is nearly an all-foam airframe using EPO plastic foam. The texture is tight and devoid of the typical “beady” look which contains holes and cracks. Along with the basic flight controls, the B-25 also has a very good set of electric retracts with sequencing gear doors.Randy RC Planes FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber and Mitchell B-25 Bomber

Randy RC Planes put  lighting on the wing’s tips as well as Landing lights!

This B-25 model includes not only the main pilot figures in the cockpit but it also includes most of the crew members that are manning the gun positions.

Randy RC Planes added flaps & bombay doors which can be seen in action in the video.

The FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber’s power is provided by twin brushless motors that run in counter-rotating directions. This counter rotation is needed in order to offset any torque effects when power (throttle) is applied.

FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber Versions

Randy RC Plane’s B-25 bomber aircraft is the RTF (Ready to Fly) version. The FMS Airfield B-25 RTF Bomber includes all servos, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), the retracts sequencer circuit, and lights. Randy RC Planes FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber and Mitchell B-25 Bomber TondelayoThe model only requires a few hours of assembly work in order to hit the runway! There is also an ARF  (Almost Ready to Fly) version which does not include a radio transmitter, receiver or main battery. In addition there is a basic kit version which features the airframe only thus requiring the pilot to acquire all of the components and assemble the FMS Airfield B-25 Bomber.

You might also watch to watch the production video we created of “Tondelayo” conducting parachute drops.

Or, the Maiden Flight of our FMS B-25 Bomber.


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  1. Mike Pierce Says:

    It would be nice to see some instructions and pictures on how to install a working Bombay on a FMS B-25

  2. Randy RC Planes Says:

    Hi Mike,

    We will see what we can put together for you! Have you searched YouTube or elsewhere for an explanation?

  3. Randy RC Planes Says:

    Hello again Mike,

    We actually do not have this plane anymore 🙁 Your best bet For more information is to try RC groups. They would have detailed instruction and pictures under the FMS B 25 plane.

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