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Posted on 19 March 2014 by Randy RC Planes

Today marks a revolution in RC Sound! Previously, with some rc sound kits you would of had to match speakers, ohms, impedences, wattage; practically engineering your entire system. With the MrRCSound system for planes we changed all of that over the past few years…

Mr RC Sound TT-25 Randy RC PlanesBut wait there’s more   😎

You used to have to cut holes in your planes for the speakers. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

All Mr. RC Sound systems now ship with the TT-25 Sound Transducers instead of the Max2-SPL speakers thus eliminating the need to cut holes in your plane. On top of all the other benefits that the MrRCSound systems currently provide, such as being plug-n-play, portable between planes, having interchangeable sound profile chips, and capable of synchronized lights with the gun sounds; the move away from speakers and towards the TT-25 Sound Transducer is hailed as a revolutionary advancement in the RC Sound world.

8 Benefits of the TT-25 in the Mr. RC Sound Systems

  • Weight:  The new TT-25 weighs a paltry 2.5oz.  A full 2oz. (plus some) less than the Max2-SPL speakers that the MrRCSound kits previously shipped with The Max2-SPL speaker used to be the smallest speaker for RC sound systems!  The TT-25 makes the MrRCSound by far the lightest sound system available.
  • Size:  The new TT-25 is about 2″ round x 1″ thick.  This requires significantly less space in your fuselage over speaker based rc sound systems. It will fit in most any aircraft down to a wingspan of 1100mm, as well as nearly any ground vehicle down to about +1/12 scale.
  • Did we mention? NO MORE HOLES!!! Simply locate a flat spot of foam inside your foam plane to mount the TT-25, approximately 1″ square (25mm).  The revolution is this: the airframe becomes your rc sound speaker! There is no need to cut holes in your plane, mount speakers, or even fabricate covers over them.  The TT-25 is literally, peel, stick and play!
  • Ease of install: What used to take around an hour’s worth of install time (for the whole unit to cut holes and mount the speakers) just dropped to less than 10 minutes for the whole system to be mounted and ready to go. This is truly plug-n-play sound for your plane! The MrRCSound is simply the fastest and easiest RC sound system to install and use for your R/C sound needs.
  • No sound dead spots:  Speakers are typically directional in the production of their sound waves.  Even with 2 speakers or 4 speakers in the Ultra system, some flight orientations would lead to dead spots in the hearing of the emitted sound. Additionally the pilot and spectators may have experienced diminished volume due to the direction of sound.  With the TT-25, the airframe is the speaker, so these dead spots have been significantly reduced and the only cause of diminished sound is the flight distance and environmental conditions.
  •  Improved Bass response:  The TT-25 has a deeper tone to them, while at the same time keeping the nuances and clarity of the sound profile and auxiliary sounds.  They are also adjustable to a degree.  The thicker the foam/wood they are placed on the deeper the sound, with a slight trade off of volume output.  This will allow the user to trade off some bass for volume if desired in order to “tweak” their sound experience from plane to plane and engine profile to engine profile.
  • More rugged:  Since there is no paper cone, the TT-25 is more rugged than a speaker. Additionally the TT-25 sound transducer is less likely to be damaged in a crash…err we mean “mis-calculated landing”.  😎
  • DB output:  MrRCSound’s number one priority is volume output while retaining clarity and integrity of the sound. Dozens of hours of testing have shown that the TT-25 is AT LEAST as loud as the Max2-SPL, and in many cases the sound transducer is actually louder! Variations in volume output and tone will happen depending on the size, shape, and thickness of the material to which it is mounted. Tests have shown it is possible to reach a maximum volume on a single TT-25 up to 108db at 1M with just 12 volts! The Max2-SPL speakers only had a DB rating of 97. The TT-25 can provide between a 12-20% increase in decibels!

With all these positives there has to be a negative…right?!?

There is one we have found. The trade off is heat. While we never recommend using any RC sound system for an extended period of time without air flow (either via in flight or an artificial source) the transducers do seem to generate more heat than the speakers did.  With airflow through the cabin of the plane, the heat should not be an issue. We, and Mr. RC Sound, always has recommended and emphasizes with the implementation of the TT-25 Sound Transducer, that wires should be routed away from the transducers, in order to experience the most reliable  flight experience.

So what do you think?

Are you in? Are you excited like we are at Randy RC Planes? We have worked closely with MrRCSound from the beginning and we have to tell you this advancement is even more revolutionary than the release of the Version 4.1 sound systems. This is a game changer folks for RC sound generators!

You can buy your MrRCSound system at Randy RC Planes.

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Buy RC Sound System Module
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