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Buy the MrRCSound – RC Sound System Kit from Randy RC Planes Version 4.1

MrRCSound, RC Sound System V 4.1 is on clearance.

NOTE: The MrRCSound ASPIRE (Version 5) is now available.

Upgrading the the Mr RC Sound V4.1 systems, the most sought after rc sound modules on the market, to the NEW ASPIRE (Version 5) was no easy feat! With the Introduction of Version 4.1 and the revolutionary advancement in RC Sound made possible by the exclusive TT-25 Sound Transducer, this is truly the most advanced RC sound system on the market!

Randy RC Planes only sells the best! And the MrRCSound systems are the best!

This is the first completely integrated rc plane sound modulespeaker exclusive TT-25 sound transducer and all! (patent pending) That is the beauty of the Mr RC Sound systems, it is almost completely assembled, has been thoroughly tested, there is no guesswork or figuring out electronics, and there is now no speaker holes to cut.

On top of all that, it is portable from one plane to another!

Once your planes are set up, you will be able to move the MrRCSound kits from one plane to another plane in a matter of minutes, all while at the airfield!

Are you interested in purchasing the MrRCSound systems pre-installed into a customized FMS plane? Please visit our FMS Plane with Sound sales page.

Mr. RC Sound Modules Version 4.1 (V4.1)

Version 4.1 of the Mr RC Sound System for RC Planes is a completely different unit in both the way it works and what it is capable of! No longer do you have to choose between sound profiles A, B, or C. Nope! Now the sounds are on a removable memory chip! Simply purchase additional sound chips and your RC Sound System becomes a completely different

The standard chip that ships with the unit includes 6 “airplane” sounds plus associated auxiliary sounds.

“Airplane” Servo 1 Servo 2 Servo 3 Servo 4
One Lycoming Gun 1 “Clear” “Clear Prop”
Two Merlin Gun 1 P51 Whistle Gun 2
Three Continental Gun 1 “Clear” “Contact”
Four Daimler Benz 601 Gun 1 Stuka Siren Stuka Cannon
Five P&W Double Wasp Gun 1 “Clear” Gun 2
Six Turbine Gun 1 “Clear” Gun 2

Mr. RC Sound Systems are designed for modern 2.4GHz radios only.

We are now proudly offering additional chip sets, sold in a “sound pack” which is a plug-n-play sound module chip:

In the near future, we plan to offer you a Civilian Planes Pack as well!

With the exclusive TT-25 Sound Transducer there is no more cutting holes for speakers!

You can read the full write up here, but simply put this is the greatest advancement in RC Sound since the introduction of V4.1 and the removable sound chips!

Installing sound in your RC plane used to require you to cut holes in your planes in order to emit the sound from the speakers. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

All Mr. RC Sound systems now ship with the TT-25 Sound Transducers instead of the Max2-SPL speakers thus eliminating the need to cut holes in your plane. On top of all the other benefits that the MrRCSound systems currently provide, such as being plug-n-play, portable between planes, having interchangeable sound profile chips, and capable of synchronized lights with the gun sounds; the move away from speakers and towards the TT-25 Sound Transducer is hailed as a revolutionary advancement in the RC Sound world.

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