MrRCSound Amplifier - Convert your Base Unit to an Ultra

Amplifier for MrRCSound Version 4.1 – Convert your Base Unit to an Ultra!


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Product Description

MrRCSound Amplifier

This combo unit is a plug in upgrade to the V4.1 for larger aircraft. Simply plug this into the V4.1 base card, and power, and you can now add 2 more Max2-SPL speakers or TT-25 Sound Transducers, for a total of 4 sound outputs. Volume output over 112db at 1m are possible, depending on sound profile.

By converting your Base Unit to an Ultra system you can now get a fuller, higher decibel (louder), and better quality sound emitted for larger planes with wingspans in excess of 1600mm (63”).

Weighing in around 9oz this system is designed to produce the most sound possible, and best overall sound distribution possible. This RC Sound System Amplifier Kit is the Mr. RC Sound Module Amplifier.

It comes with an amplifier board for both power and sound and is available by itself or with Two or Three TT-25 Sound Transducers!

Additional Information

Sound Output Configuration

Optional – Amp and Three TT-25 Sound Transducers, Optional – Amp and Two TT-25 Sound Transducers, Standard – Amp, no sound transducers


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