MrRCSound V4.1 - Base Unit - Single Transducer

MrRCSound Module Base Unit Version 4.1 for Airplane



Product Description

RC Sound System

This RC Sound System Kit is the MrRCSound Module Base Unit Version 4.1. It will come with the following items.

Base Sound Pack Engine Sounds: Lycoming, Merlin, Continental, Generic Turbine, Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp, and Daimler Benz.

Base Sound Pack Auxiliary  Sounds: Gun 1, Gun 2, Stuka Canon, Stuka Siren, P51 Whistle, “Clear”, “Clear Prop”, “Check”.

For a sample of the sounds listen to this video: (coming soon)

Optional Configuration: Two Sound Transducers!

Additional Sound Packs: WWIWWIITwin/Multi Engine, Civilian (available soon)

The Version 4.1 Base Units with a single sound transducer are best for airplanes with wingspans of 1100mm to 1350mm (43” to 52”). In some cases they may fit in planes down to 1000mm (40”) depending on the airplane design and room in the fuselage.

We recommend the Base Unit with two sound transducers for airplanes with wingspans of 1350mm to 1600mm (52” to 62”). If your plane is larger than 1600mm (62″) then you should look at purchasing the Ultra Unit which comes with an additional amplifier and supports up to four TT-25 sound transducers.

Weight:  Just under 3.7oz with the TT-25 Sound Transducer

Sound Output: Measured up to 108db depending on sound file.

Power Draw: about 1.5A/12W

Single sound transducer; dual transducer optional.

Alternate and additional Sound Packs are available.


Additional Information

Sound Pack

Standard: Lycoming, Merlin, Continental, Generic Turbine, Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp, and Daimler Benz, Mixed: Lycoming Twin, B-25, Double Wasp Jr. 985, Daimler Benz 605, Turbo prop, WWI: Fokker D VII, Real Gnome, Le Rhone, Gnome, Tiger Moth, Stearman, WWII: Allison, BMW 801, Mitsubishi Zero, Wright Cyclone, Hawker Sea Fury (Bristol engine), and IL2/Mig3, Twin/Multi: Allison Twin, BMW Twin, Merlin Twin, Daimler Benz Twin, W. Cyclone Multi, Civilian: (available soon!)

Sound Output Configuration

Optional – Two TT-25 Sound Transducers, Standard – One TT-25 Sound Transducer


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