MrRCSound V4 WW2 Sound Pack



Product Description

Version 4 of the Mr RC Sound System for RC Planes is a completely different unit in both the way it works and what it is capable of!

No longer do you have to choose between sound profiles A, B, or C. Nope! Now the sounds are on a removable memory chip!

This is the World War II Sound pack with 6 different engine sounds and corresponding auxiliary sounds.


“Airplane” Servo 1 Servo 2 Servo 3 Servo 4
One Allison Gun 1 “Clear” Gun 2
Two BMW 801 Gun 1 Whistle Gun 2
Three Zero Gun 1 Bomb Gun 2
Four IL2/Mig-3 Gun 1 Bomb Gun 2
Five Sea Furry Gun 1 “Clear” Gun 2
Six W. Cyclone Gun 1 “Clear” Gun 2


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