RC Sound System

Shipping inside the US will be done by USPS flat rate box shipping. Cost is a flat $13, which is the actual cost of shipping and materials in most cases. We do not pad the price on shipping!

For international orders, the cost to ship to most countries is the same shipping price price as US domestic. However RandyRCPlanes reserves the right to invoice for additional shipping charges if deemed so. Shipping will be done via US Postal Service First Class Mail. There is no tracking with this service, and shipping times vary due to either US customs or other countries customs holding the shipment. This rarely happens, but if it does it can significantly delay international orders. RandyRCPlanes is not responsible for long shipping times due to either US Customs or other countries’ customs holding the shipment. While a typical international order usually arrives in 2-3 weeks, due to your customs process your shipment could take significantly more time. If you require faster shipping, please contact RandyRCPlanes with your order number and we can arrange your order for the actual shipping cost. To reduce the costs to you the customer, RandyRCPlanes ships without insurance, unless upon special request. RandyRCPlanes cannot be responsible for local shipping errors, or failure of delivery. Tracking from the USA can only verify that it has left the USA. Once the package has left the USA, it is up to your local shipping company/service to deliver the package.

On all orders RandyRCPlanes is not responsible for lost packages/orders, or packages/orders that may have been delivered to the incorrect location. Once a package/order has shipped, it is the responsibility of the US Postal Service, International Postal Service or other courier to properly ship and deliver the package /order. Lost or incorrectly delivered packages should be followed up with the proper courier. RandyRCPlanes will make every effort to try and help locate a missing package/order with the courier, but in the end it is the courier’s responsibility, and these orders do not qualify for refunds or replacements directly from RandyRCPlanes or MrRCSound.

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