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TT-25 Replacement or Additional Sound Transducer


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The MrRCSound system utilizes the Max-2 SPL speaker TT-25 Sound Transducer and the airframe of your plane to emit sound.

This is a revolutionary advancement in sound generation for the RC sound world.  The TT-25 is a 2″ by 1″ sound transducer exclusive to the Mr. RC Sound units. The previous Max2-SPL speakers were rated at a higher SPL rating of 90db than competitive (more expensive!) 4″ speaker options.

The TT-25 Sound Transducer takes this even further with tests producing up to 108db for a single sound transducer.

What does this mean for you?
– It delivers more sound output than most 4″ speakers
– It delivers as much (and in most cases) more sound output than the previously bundled Max2-SPL speaker
– It is smaller and lighter
– It is more rugged
– It uses less energy
– Significantly less sound dead spots
– Improved base response
– Weight of only 2.5oz
– It requires NO HOLES to be cut in your plane…simply peel, stick, and play!

You can read the full write up here.

Instead of using 30-40w of input to produce 95-100db, like the Max-2 SPL, this exclusive TT-25 sound transducer only uses around 12w to produce up to 108db.

If the unit is running off your flight battery, it should provide you more flight time than competitive products!

Note: This sound transducer will work with both V3 and V4 mrrcsound cards.


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