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Spektrum DSMX AR8000 Installation

Posted on 29 April 2012 by Randy RC Planes

Some of our readers have been asking where do you mount the satellite receiver in the FMS Airfiled T-28 Trainer 1400mm?

We are using a Specktrum AR8000 8 channel receiver http://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdId=SPMAR8000

First let us explain that we do not recommend the “orange receivers” that so many pilots are using these days.

Spektrum 2.4ghz satellite receiver location

The reason for this is that the reports from many of our fellow pilots are that they experience mid-flight blackouts when they use “Orange receivers”. This is more than likely due a quality of signal issue related to the manufacturer of these less expensive receivers.

Specktrum AR8000 8 channel receiver is a high quality recevier that is perfect for the satelitte location in your plane’s fuselages. It is important however that the receiver is placed in a functional local. Directly next to the current receiver or in the first half of the fusealge defeats the purpose of a remote receiver. Here is what Spektrum has to say about placement of any remote receivers.

Mount the remote in a different location from the primary receiver. This gives tremendous improvements to path diversity. Especially, each receiver sees a different RF environment, and this is key to maintaining a solid RF link…You should position the satellite receiver perpendicualr to the main receiver. If the main receiver is mounted to the side of the fuselage, the satellite should be mounted on the bottom or top of the airframe.

Following these performance specifications from Spektrum we have installed our  Specktrum AR8000 8 channel satellite remote receiver with a 24″ extension cable that leads to the aft of the fuselage.

Spektrum DSMX remote receiver installation

Used 24" an entension cable to put Spektrum satellite receiver as far aft as possible.

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  1. allanmahon Says:

    trying to wire my 1/4 scale plane to the spectrum a r8000 i just need to know what goes where?

  2. Jason Ansley Says:

    allanmahon   The markings should all be labeled…The throttle wire will go into the THO. The elevator would go into the ELV. The rudder plugs into the RUD. The gear plug into the GEAR.  All the slots on the receiver are marked.

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