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Top Gun 2012 RC Scale Airshow Lakeland Florida

Posted on 04 May 2012 by Randy RC Planes

Top Gun was fathered by Frank Tiano in an attempt to improve the rules that were being applied in scale RC contests in the early days of 1989. In the frontier stages of planning T.G. Frank (as he has become known as in the hobby) had a lot of assistance from another well known scale modeler, David Platt. With 70 to 80 contestants, there is a lot of work that goes on to make the event a success.

Tiano’s mission was to get rid of the nonsense while offering an entertaining event packed with action and fun for the whole family. Top Gun is as much a Social Event as a model RC airplane contest.

Top Gun Airshow

The Half Time Air Show presented on Saturday and Sunday will include some of the finest, most unusual “acts” your family may ever see. There will be several Aerobatic Demonstrations from world renowned pilots flying models that are half the size of the real aircraft!

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In addition there will be combat demonstrations where several combat fighter planes trailing a streamer will try and knock each other from the sky.

The new, turbine powered, jet aircraft are not only faster than a speeding bullet, they are aerobatic as well. Look for at least 3 demonstrations from world class and factory demo pilots.

The Top Gun air show will include Formation Flying as well as a shot at breaking the Sound Barrier with an RC Jet! Holy cow Batman!

Helicopters at Top Gun

The Helicopter 3D Demo will knock you out! There is rumored to be several surprises as well. Some funny stuff is what we hear!

Great Fun for the Family

Be there for some great family entertainment. That is why Randy RC Planes will be there. We want to help you, especially those whom cannot attend the event, to have the most Educational, Entertaining, and Enthusiast Inspiring time as they can in order that you can Get the Most from Your RC Experience.

If you can attend in person, then you should know two things.

  1. It costs $10 to get in the gate. For details you can visit the Top Gun website.
  2. While Randy RC Planes was not able to acquire a media pass (they do not accept “non-traditional publishers, which includes blogs”) WE WILL BE THERE. Our lead correspondant, Jason, spoke with Frank on the phone a few days ago and Frank said we are free to cover the event as much as we want, as long as we do so from the Pit and not the flight line. The cool thing however? Frank also informed us that next year (Top Gun 2013) we will be awarded a media pass contingent our inaugural blog coverage via Randy RC Planes this year! Exciting news!
  3. Since we do not have official media passes, we will have branded lanyards. Come seek us out and maybe you can get your face (and maybe your plane!) featured on Randy RC Planes!

Keep checking Randy RC Planes for updates from the field for Top Gun 2012!

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